Quick Reference


A visual cheat-sheet for the 28 keyboard shortcuts found in 1Password

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#Global Shortcuts

shortcuts description
Ctrl \ Fill login on current web page
Ctrl Alt \ Show 1Password mini
Ctrl Shift \ Open 1Password
Win/Opt Shift L Lock 1Password

#1Password App

shortcuts description
Ctrl N Create a new item
Ctrl Shift N Create a new item in the selected category
Ctrl E Edit the selected item
Esc Cancel an edit or clear the search field
Ctrl S Save changes to an item
Ctrl Del Move the selected item(s) to the trash
Shift Enter Move, delete, or change the type of the selected field
Ctrl D Show vaults
Ctrl F Find items
Ctrl Shift F Search all items
Ctrl Enter Open selected login item (when unlocked), or unlock using secure desktop (when locked)
Ctrl R Reveal the selected password
Ctrl Alt Reveal all passwords in the item details
Ctrl L View the selected password in large type
Ctrl C Copy the selected item to the clipboard
Ctrl Shift C Copy the username, password, or one-time password of the selected item
Ctrl Up Select the previous item detail
Ctrl Down Select the next item detail
Alt Up Move the item detail up
Alt Down Move the item detail down
Ctrl - Decrease the font size
Ctrl + Increase the font size
Ctrl 0 Reset the font size
Ctrl O Sign in to a 1Password account

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