Quick Reference


A visual cheat-sheet for the 66 keyboard shortcuts found in Bear. This application is MacOS-only.

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#Text Styles

shortcuts description
Option Cmd 1-6 Headings
Option Cmd S Line separator
Cmd B Bold
Cmd I Italic
Cmd U Underline
Shift Cmd E Strikethrough
Cmd K Link
Cmd L Unordered list
Shift Cmd L Ordered list
Shift Cmd U Quote
Cmd T Todo
Option Cmd C Inline code
Ctrl Option C Code block
Shift Cmd M Marker/Highlighter
Shift Cmd V Insert file


shortcuts description
Shift Cmd T Toggle Todo
Option Cmd T Mark Todo as completed
Ctrl Cmd T Mark Todo as incomplete


shortcuts description
Cmd ] Shift line right
Cmd [ Shift line left
Cmd Option Up Move line up
Cmd Option Down Move line down


shortcuts description
Tab Shift the list element right
Shift Tab Shift the list element left
Shift Enter End the list


shortcuts description
Shift Cmd 7 Long Form Date with time (11 Jul 2017, 10:43)
Shift Cmd 8 Long Form Date (11 Jul 2017)
Shift Cmd 9 Short Form Date (11/07/2017)
Shift Cmd 0 Hours (11:43)


shortcuts description
Cmd A Select all
Cmd Enter End editing
Cmd P Print note


shortcuts description
Cmd + Zoom in
Cmd - Zoom out
Cmd 0 Actual size
shortcuts description
Shift Cmd I Toggle information panel
Cmd F Search inside the current note
Option Cmd F Search and replace inside the current note
Shift Cmd F Search inside the note list
shortcuts description
Cmd N Create a new note
Option Cmd N Create a new note in a new window
Up/Down Move the selection in the note and tags list
Left/Right Move the selection between the sidebar, the nost list, and the editor
Enter Edit the selected note
Option Cmd F Search in the current note list
Cmd Backspace Delete selected note
Shift Cmd R Restore selected note
Shift Cmd P Pin/unpin selected note
Cmd A Select all the notes in the list
Shift Cmd Backspace Empty Trash
Cmd 1 Select Notes in the sidebar
Cmd 2 Select Untagged in the sidebar
Cmd 3 Select ToDo in the sidebar
Cmd 4 Select Today in the sidebar
Cmd 5 Select Archive in the sidebar
Cmd 6 Select Trash in the sidebar
Option Cmd Left Navigate back in visualized notes history
Option Cmd Right Navigate forward in visualized notes history

#Saving and importing

shortcuts description
Shift Cmd S Export selected notes
Shift Cmd O Import notes


shortcuts description
Ctrl 1 Show sidebar, note list and editor
Ctrl 2 Show note list and editor
Ctrl 3 Show editor only
Cmd , Show preferences
Ctrl Cmd F Enter fullscreen
Cmd \ Open main window