Quick Reference


A visual cheat-sheet for the 35 keyboard shortcuts found on Bitbucket

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#All pages

shortcuts description
? Display keyboard shortcuts
[ Expand and collapse left navigation
/ Focus the site search

#Most pages (except Your Work and Source)

shortcuts description
. Open the Omnibar
J Select next item
K Select previous item
Enter View selected item
G D Go to Your Work dashboard
G A Go to your Personal Settings
Esc Dismiss dialog or remove focus
U Go back

#Repository pages with sidebar

shortcuts description
] Expand and collapse right sidebar

#Repository source

shortcuts description
F Focus the file filter

#Repository pages (except for Source)

shortcuts description
C R Create a repository
I R Import a repository
R S Open repository source
R C Open repository commits
R B Open repository branches
R P Open repository pull requests
R I Open repository issues
R W Open repository wiki
R D Open repository downloads
R A Open repository settings
F Search for file

#Repository pages (except for Source and Settings)

shortcuts description
X F Fork repository
X B Create branch
X C Compare branches or tags
X P Create pull request
X I Create issue

#Pull requests

shortcuts description
Ctrl Enter Submit a comment
T C Toggle display of inline comments
P D Switch to the pull request diff tab
P C Switch to the pull request commits tab
P A Switch to the pull request activity tab
Shift T Show the list of tasks

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