Quick Reference


A visual cheat-sheet for the 25 keyboard shortcuts found on the Feedly app

#Keyboard Shortcuts


shortcuts description
? Show keyboard shortcuts
shortcuts description
G T Show Today
G A Show All
G F Show Favorites
G G Jump to...
G L Read later
G I Index
G O Organize sources
Shift J Next source or collection
Shift K Previous source or collection
R Refresh


shortcuts description
J Inline next artlcke
K Inline previous article
N Select the next article
P Select the previous article
Shift A Mark all as read

#Selected Article

shortcuts description
O Inline or close the currently selected article
V View the original in a new tab
M Toggle mark as read
X Mark as read and hide
S Read later
T Save to Board
B Save to Buffer
C Clip to Evernote
Shift V Preview

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